• Joanne Male (Marriage Celebrant) from Cairns

    "I want to thank you so much for the help you have given me over the last 6 months. When I went searching for a naturopath I did a lot of asking around and your name came up all over Cairns, so how lucky was I to find you. As well as succeeding with my health issues and the way tailored your wonderful natural remedies around my hectic and busy lifestyle, which has worked for me, our journey together has been one of mutual fulfilment. Sveta I enjoy my weekly visits with you not only as my naturopath but also as a wise learned spiritual woman whom I can discuss the many issues I have had to deal with, our journey has only just began I can see. Thank you also for your daily reflections, some are very uplifting, some are quite factual and to the point which has opened my eyes to things I never knew (from a daily candy lover I still won.t eat them, thank youJ) I love receiving your recipes and have tired a few with success. You are a lovely shining light in my life."

  • Titi from Cairns

    "It was wonderful meeting you. Your approach to healing has definitely put a light on the fact that our body behaves as the thermometer of our emotions. I am stronger within and my body is naturally healing. It is just fascinating to watch. Thank you for the beautiful inner journey and the profound health benefits that it brought."

  • Abigail from Melbourne

    "My experience with Sveta has been absolutely amazing! Her knowledge is far beyond that of doctors or health books. I've learned so much from Sveta and it's the only thing that really makes sense and has worked for me. The surprising thing is that it is so different from the information we find around us! She helps people with literally everything, not just one aspect, for example, healthy eating, lifestyle habits, illness, emotional therapy, spiritual awareness, treating the 'whole' person, not just the problem you come in for. She is completely accessible and is happy to do skype appointments for those not in Cairns. The sessions are much cheaper than any specialists I have experienced, making it more realistic to have weekly appointments! Sveta is always available for support, even between weekly sessions she is happy to correspond via email as often as you like! This loving support makes it so much easier to actually stick to your daily goals and you never feel like you're doing it on your own. After 4 years of seeing nearly 20 different doctors and specialists and not getting results, I am so grateful that I finally met Sveta and am transforming my life and getting positive results! She really does go beyond simply healing the physical body, which is why it actually works! Her knowledge is beyond anything I have come across so far and she is such a loving and nurturing person too!"

  • Joanne from Cairns

    "For over 5 years I have not been able to get up in the mornings, it.s been very tough on me, takes me 2 hours to get going and I take medication to help...I brought a natural product from Sveta for someone to help them, they declined my offer...thanks to them I started taking it, the last 7 days have been huge, I get up, have my cuppa and get going happily, my mind is clearer.thank you so much Sveta I can.t wait to get the rest sorted.it.s happening seriously looking forward to the journey now ."

  • Stevie from Cairns

    "Sveta has the unique ability to get to the core of a health issue, imbalance or disorder. I came to see Sveta with some specific problems, like tiredness and poor digestion and I received effective help to correct those symptoms. I also received information from her which dramatically improved my health by learning what foods best suit my body's needs and learning how to prevent illness to stay well and energetic. I have complete trust in her capacity as a natural practitioner and healer."

  • Jo from Cairns

    "Meeting Sveta has been invaluable to my family.  My two year old has been experiencing symptoms of food intolerance and with the help of the Indigo machine and Sveta we have been able to isolate the problem foods and are well on the way to resolving her health issues which is a great relief to me. I have also been able to resolve some of my own health issues am feeling better than I have in years thanks to Sveta's help and a progressive lifestyle change.  I would highly recommend anyone to seek her services as she is educated, dedicated, kind-hearted and generous with her time and her wealth of knowledge.  I feel it is important to mention the level of support I receive during my time with her, practically, emotionally and of course spiritually."

  • Susan from Gold Coast

    "Sveta is an amazingly beautiful person with a truly incredible ability to help in all areas of life. Her insightful diagnosis and treatment is non invasive, and will lead you to a more aware, healthy and happy you. I know my life, and that of my children is much better for her advise and guidance. Thank you Sveta."

  • Angela from Cairns

    "I have been an ongoing client of Sveta's now for about 6 months. During this time she has given me the inspiration, guidance, love and understanding I was needing to allow me to live my life in a more joyful and authentic way. She is such a beautiful soul and she is so uplifting to be around, she is so easy to talk to and is such a wealth of knowledge in all matters both in health and spiritual wellbeing. I would recommend her to anyone looking to heal themselves in body and in mind. She is truly a very gifted woman!"