Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is an ancient form of healing which operates at the soul level. Many ailments we suffer with have their energies rooted in past life discordant issues. Those ailments (both physical and mental) are part of our cellular memory and re-manifest lifetime after lifetime.

We connect to your High Self and ask a series of questions which help me identify patterns or programs of discordant energy which have imprinted in the Akashic Record (your soul's record of lifetimes) covering literally thousands of lifetimes.

Once these programs and energies are identified, We ask that they be cleared. When that is done your soul has been educated to the lessons it should have learned and positive energies replace the old. You may feel the changes almost instantly!

Virtually everyone can benefit from an SRT clearing. An SRT clearing actually enhances the effects of all other healing modalities, both traditional and alternative.

The SRT is a very successful and popular therapy all around the world. Robert E. Detzler created the system which is based on the new experiments of hypnotherapy. By opening up the subconsciousness we can get the answers of the hidden problems.

The subconsciouss mind is like a black box which contains and saves all memories and each happening, feelings in our lives and effect the next lives as well. In the SRT we communicate with our own Super consciousness or Inner Self through the subconsciouss memory and get the divine and pure instructions and answers in our life. Clearing the carried negative programs from past lives.


During the session we use pendulum and you can follow the real answers of your High Self, Inner Self. We get the connection with it and develop the ancient relationship with it. A new dimension is opening up in front of your eyes by getting the answers of your unexplainable happenings, questions in your life.

The advantage of SRT is that you are not in hypnosis but you get the same clear communication with your Inner Self. By this way your spiritual growth will improve , a new dimension invite you and get wide understanding and awareness of your existence here in this world.

All answers and power are in your High Self to change your life by clearing the negative subconsciouss running programs and make your life succesful, healthy and happy on every level and grow spiritually.

Official SRT is available in Cairns from September 2012.

"Freeing your soul, which frees your mind, which controls your body!"