Spiritual Baby Program

The new life does not start from the birth but from the conception. The baby during the 9 months perceives, feels, sees, hear everything around the mothers life.

The baby's right side brain is very developed, they dream lot and perceive the invisible energy world. They still have strong connection with the other side and collective consciousness. Their intuition is extremely sensitive and sharp, they watch the mothers dreams too and feel with her completely.

Every experience in the prenatal stage effects the development of personality, the emotional growth, self-awareness IQ and EQ.

Many mental and emotional difficulties, patterns are based on the very early stage traumas. In the adult age we can bring them up by Inner Child Development and heal the present but as an adult parent we have the responsibility for our children mental and physical health too.

We can prevent many emotional traumas and develop the baby's intelligence and abilities by the conscious deep and loving relationship. We can communicate and develop strong and intimate relationship with the baby. These babies are significantly sharper, more intelligent.. They have strong and balanced emotional relationship with the parents. There senses are more developed, they sleep less but they are more conscious about the happenings around them.

Spiritual Baby Program - In the Mission of The Happy And Conscious Family

By the developed communication and emotional cord you can prevent many of the prenatal complication, sicknesses after birth, emotional traumas and relationship difficulties in older and adult age. As a parent you can fill up your child's subconsciousness with nice loving memories and this way give the chance for your child to live a healthy and successful life. The parents have natural and balanced relationship with the baby from the first moment.

The baby lives with the mother in symbiosis, feel the anxiety, fear, worry, feel the problems in the relationship as well and effect the mental and emotional growth by sensitive way.

The Spiritual Baby Program teaches you the technique how to keep in touch with your baby constantly, you can develop your intuition, make your life more relaxed and happy. You can experience the harmony and peace while the pregnancy. At the same time you can learn about yourself, get to know who really you are and develop your inner growth, love, self-awareness consciousness. Preparing emotionally for giving birth and let the child come into the new stage of development. This way you can give the best for your child, teach the most powerful knowledge what they never will learn at school,teach how to grow emotionally and spiritually.

The subconscious positive experiences will manifest in their lives and give the best chance for a healthy, happy, loving and successful childhood and adult life.

The Spiritual Baby Program are private 90 minute complex sessions weekly from the 4th month of pregnancy until giving birth. Spiritual Baby Program - In the Mission of The Happy And Conscious Family.

Spiritual Baby Program Consultation

Duration: 60 minutes

Development of the most natural and most powerful communication between your baby and you. Keeping your babies inner child happy and building the strong emotional relationship between you through meditations, special exercises. Experience the pregnancy as the unique spiritual journey.