We learn the proper technique of meditation. The first stage is to learn how to relax your body and mind through the breathing technique and visualization.

As you follow the rules of mind-control you calm your nervous system down and go into the alpha stage of the mind. This method helps you to develop the intuition, perceive more and more infos from the quantum field. Helps you to open up your spiritual side and see beyond the world of senses.

Alpha stage is the only one where the self healing can work and on the cellular level you let the healing energy flow in your body. The proper daily meditation will help you to feel happy without the constant desires of mind. You will feel the inner peace and harmony.

You can find the relationship with your Inner self. You are going to open up your third eye and be surrendered to the higher spiritual dimensions. Bringing balance in your chackras and aura.

The other form is the active mantra meditation when we chant the high resonance of names of God. This way you can purify the material dirt - anarthas - from your heart and mind. Lifting up your personal vibration. This is the food and medicine of your soul.

Movie recommendations

Kelly Howell - Healing Meditation

You hold within you the power to create vibrant states of health and well-being that you intend for your life. In this program you will learn to meditate and relax on ever deepening levels, where the attention you focus on healing and renewal will directly impact your body and your life.

These are blissful states of reverie that are proven to enhance immune function and activate the body’s natural healing abilities. In this quantum state of renewal, your body triggers its own powerful bio-chemicals to heal illness and cure disease. This powerful meditation is highly recommended by doctors and offered to patients at USA’s most prestigious cancer treatment hospitals.

Eckhart Tolle - From Feeling Upset to Being Peace

It is not enough to concentrate and work on achieving the "peace of God". But first you need to clean the collected rubbish from your life and previous lives.

If you want to pour clear water in the glass which is half full of mud, you never will have a glass of clear water. First clean your negative programs by Spiritual Response Therapy, Emotional Inner Child Therapy and then you can focus on the spiritual goals. This way the result wont be temporary but steady, genuine and permanent.)

More "must see" videos Eckhart Tolle: The Art of presence seminar 6 parts.

Meditation Consultation

Duration: 60 minutes

Through the different and proper meditations you would connect to your Inner Self, spend more time in your magical right side brain without any harmful drugs. Meditation is the food of your Inner Self. Develop your intuition which is the language between you and your Higher Self.