Inner Child Therapy

Inner child therapy is about rebuilding the relationship with the child living within. By the childhood negative experiences, the neglected inner child is lonely, sad and crying. With a hurt inner child you cant be a happy and emotionally independent adult.

With inner child therapy, you can be the real and perfect parent of your inner child. Clear your present difficulties by releasing the childhood traumas which influence you subconsciously. You will leave the constant fear, doubts and anxiety behind. Through the meditations, homework and discussions, together we will connect and heal your inner child.

With your healed inner child you will be strong, independent, happy and hopeful. Alongside the weekly meetings, your self-awareness, self confidence and emotional intelligence will be developing.

Inner Child Therapy

Duration: 60 minutes

Developing and healing your inner child within and leave the past emotional traumas behind for a free and happy future. Growing up emotionally means processing and saying good bye to the traumas were caused by your parents.

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