For Women

The female emotional intelligence is basically more developed than the male. Therefore they are more open and humble to work on emotions and personal improvement.

By the emotional therapy and Inner child development you as a woman would be able to bring change to those around you with your developed emotional intelligence. You would be able to manage a happier relationship than before and helping your partner to develop and his own emotional side.

By developing your feminine side within you would be able to attract your other half, as a masculine man and not an emotionally immature boy in an adult body. Only the real woman can attract a real man and manage a real and happy relationship.

You would be able to teach your son and help him how to express his inner world in communication and actions, help him to be conscious not to lose his masculinity in this upside world where females are more stronger and dominant than many man..

You could teach your daughter to move comfortably in the emotional world and gain confidence and self - awareness in her life. Helping her to discover her feminine side.

The key is in your hand. You cant imagine how much power, opportunities and responsibility are in your role. Start the journey to your feminine inner world.

For Women Consultation

Duration: 60 minutes

"Behind a successful man is a woman." I would say " Behind a successful man is a successful woman." The world is led and controlled by the emotional power of females. Learn how to use your power consciously in the sake of your femininity, making your partner more masculine instead of taking his masculinity.

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