Emotional therapy

Emotional therapy is a unique development which is based on the connection with the Soul. Healing your deep emotional traumas in the interest of your happy and successful future.

Do you have repetitious negative relationships and experiences? Doesn't your partner appreciate and respect you? Lets change yourself by the emotional journey inside to change the happenings and people around you. Development of your emotional intelligence will guide you to change your negative subconscious pattern.

Facing with your own shadow side and negative feelings would help to let them go and prevent serious physical symptoms later. If you listen to the voice of your soul, it doesn't need to send the message through physical problems. You will understand the connection between the soul and body. Learn how to communicate your feelings, study the language of the opposite sex.

You will understand the difference of the men and women, the typical conflicts in relationship and how to correct and prevent them. In the interest of your happy relationship and personal improvement you will need to understand the basic difference in nature and need of the male and female.

The only key of the successful relationship is the emotional intelligence. Develop the EQ by the emotional therapy. Get to know more about yourself who you are, then you would be able to understand and get to know more about other peoples hearts and feelings.

Emotional Therapy

Duration: 60 minutes

Learn about the emotional world and invisible psychological games. Grow your self - awareness, emotional intelligence, communication to be more successful in every field of your life.

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