The proper unique personal diet is essential in a health conscious life.

After checking for personal food sensitivity with Indigo, we make a list of the best foods which supply your body with the needed nutrition, minerals and vitamins. Focusing on the quality and most efficient nutrition absorption.

We clear the general mis-beliefs and wrong conceptions and understand the logical rules how the body and digestive system work. How to care of your body function best. It will help to follow the golden principles of weight control. Give the best and spoil your body at the same time.

A healthy diet is not austere and boring. Constantly I share the newest and delicious recipes.

You will see that the healthy and yummy recipes are unlimited and life can be colourful without unhealthy habits. Forget the false idea that over 40 years of age the health issues are natural. Prevent the difficulties and feel well in your body.

Diet Consultation

Duration: 60 minutes

Using Indigo Bioresonance results, it helps to find the suitable food for your body. We clear the misbelieves, create your personal and practical diet. Sharing useful and creative cooking tips, healthy recipes.

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