Conscious creation

Use the creative power of your mind. We have the ability of creation and consciously or unconsciously we always create. Do not be the wictim of your own creation by a lot of negative thoughts and complaints. Use your given power through appropriate techniques and live your dreams. All thoughs are energies and if you engage the creative energies, it will manifest in the physical world.

It is time to stop the self pity and grab the opportunities to lead your own life. Nothing is impossible and the limits are only in your mind. Learn efficient techniques to enjoy the magic of your right side brain.

Do you have dreams but dont believe you can achieve them? Clear your negative programs and use the magic wand in your mind.

Conscious Creation Consultation
Duration: 60 minutes

Create your dreams and desires you want to achieve in your life. You are not a victim of the Universe. Use the power of your given gift, create the seed of your dreams and we are going to plant it in the prepared soil of your sub - conscious mind. By watering the seed it would manifest in the physical world.

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