Indigo Bioresonance examination

Professor William Nelson was the inventor of the world famous and most developed bioresonance device for detecting stress and helping to reduce it in the human body. The main purpose is to harmonise the body and soul, stress relief, cell level detoxification, and to bring about balance in the human resonance. The success of the system is based on constant research, development and professional commitment. Indigo is the most modern development.


Everything in this world is based on resonance and frequencies. Humans also have resonance so the three-minute test is about checking these resonances. The device analyses the biochemical and energetic procedures in the brain and nerve cells. It can also check the vibration of the organs and lift up the resonance of the weak organs.

The bioresonance device sends 15-thousand different vibrations to the body like toxins, vitamins, emotions, pathogens, and analyses the human reactions.

During the treatment, straps are placed on the head, wrists and ankles, and the device is able to pick up the biological resonances and frequencies, and to recognise imbalance, low resonance, deficiencies and weaknesses. We then get a clear picture of the energy blocks, disorders and stress levels.

The device communicates with the cells, balances the energetic differences and removes the toxins. The therapy is non-invasive, painless and individual. The device and the body communicate with each other; stress relief therapies are harmless and natural, using self-healing, with no side effects.

The real healing is through the human body’s self-healing ability; the device targets this ability by going to the deep emotions to neutralise imbalances.


Bioresonance has many different programs and treatment can be really individual, for example: chakra harmonisation, deep cell detoxification, stress reduction, meridian, pain, NLP, colour therapy, aura cleansing and more.

Bioresonance therapies can be successful in the case of insomnia, hormonal imbalance, chronic physical problems, fatigue, Candida, anxiety, overweight, allergy and many other illnesses.

You can find many different brands and copied devices on the market, but the authentic one is by Professor Nelson.

Indigo Bioresonance Examination

Duration: 60 minutes

Most modern and harmless examination to have an insight and check your condition on the fine energy level. Stress release, cell level detoxification, energy block release by Indigo, the device of future technology.

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