Smoothie tips


The basic rule for my breakfast smoothie is half fruit and half leafy greens, plus some kind of liquid and maybe some longevity herbs. You'll feel on top of the world.

Do not mix vegetables with fruit. In other words, do not put broccoli in a fruit smoothie. Cucumber and Avocado are fruits so they are ok. Green leafy stuff goes with anything- fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, anything.

Did you know carrot greens are much healthier for you than the carrot? Beet greens are better than the beets. Leave the roots in the ground so they can grow more leaves. Animals in the wild mainly eat the greens, not the roots. That's how it's designed. The root is there to grow more greens for you.Mix as many greens together as you want.

Many of them are kind of bitter- that's good for you- especially digestion. To counter the bitterness, I like to put fresh pineapple in the smoothie and maybe even a couple of dates.

Enjoy! (Marcus Rothkranz)