Progesteron Cream


Natural progesterone is most commonly used to treat both short and long term symptoms associated with Oestrogen Dominance.

During menopause these symptoms include:

- Hot flushes

- Mood Swings & Depression

- Water retention

- Breast swelling and pain

- Heavy or irregular periods

- Uterine fibroids

- Weight gain, particularly around hips and thighs

One of the prime long term conditions associated with oestrogen dominance is osteoporosis. Natural Progesterone has been demonstrated to be an effective treatment for this condition. Natural progesterone, also known as bioidentical progesterone, is 100% the same as the progesterone hormone produced naturally in the body. As such it is treated by the body the same way and can perform all the functions of the body's own progesterone.

Men also need progesteron in small amount. Oestrogen dominance is the responsible for prostate growth and cancer. If you recognized any of those symptoms and you would try Progesteron Cream please contact me.