Help To Make Your Successful New Year Resolutions


Everybody is talking about New Year Resolutions this time of the year. It’s a time of new beginnings and reinventing oneself. The year is full of promise and hope. We vow, “I am going to make this year so much better than last year!”

Let’s harness that enthusiasm!. Use the following New Year resolutions list to get inspired to start fresh.

And then, use the Silva Method to make that resolution happen!

  • drink less alcohol
  • walk 10,000 steps a day
  • get an education
  • read more books
  • try a new hairstyle
  • get a better job
  • start a business
  • spend more time with family and friends
  • quit smoking
  • reduce, reuse and recycle
  • volunteer
  • enjoy life more
  • end a toxic friendship
  • be more grateful
  • eat healthy
  • learn to cook; or learn to cook foods I have never tried
  • learn something I’ve been wanting to learn for a long time
  • save my relationship
  • mentor a child
  • exercise every day
  • make time every day for my hobbies and passions
  • organize my photos
  • learn a new sport or physical activity
  • travel to interesting places and have my picture taken there
  • meditate every day
  • fall in love/start a new relationship
  • redecorate my home
  • sell or donate old unwanted stuff
  • manage stress
  • create a better work/life balance
  • lose weight
  • watch less TV
  • leave work on time more often
  • get out of debt/save money/live within my means
  • spend less time on social media and more time face to face
  • choose resolutions you love so you will stick with them.

How to Choose a Resolution You Will Stick With

Choose resolutions that you intuitively know are perfect for you. Don’t be guilted or pressured into making resolutions that aren’t authentically yours. If you think you “should” resolve to (something), but it doesn’t feel right to you, you won’t give it the effort needed to make it happen. So don’t bother! Focus your energies only on those resolutions that are meaningful to you.

For best results, choose just a few and no more than five. It’s much more difficult to achieve goals when your energies are spread too thin and when you’re trying to make too many changes at once.

Be honest with yourself. How much can you realistically commit to? Every resolution requires time and some effort. When you come home tired from work, are you really going to make daily progress on each of these goals?

Commit to 5 to 15 minutes every single day on each goal. That’s not much but it adds up quickly if you have too many goals, leaving you with the classic excuse, “I don’t have time.”

How to Make Resolutions Stick

List your top resolutions and think about ways of combining your efforts to maximize your time. If your #1 resolution is to exercise every day, #2 is to read more books and #3 is to manage stress you see that #1 and #2 are very closely related. Exercise is one way to manage stress. You do one thing, and achieve two goals!

The easiest most sure-fire way to make your resolutions stick is to take very small steps, consistently until those new actions are a habit. A habit is an action that is repeated over time until it becomes a part of who you are and how you do things. Some habits are great, others not so much.

95% of your actions are habits you’ve created over the course of your life so creating habits is just what your brain naturally does, in order to make things easier for you! Take advantage of that neuroplasticity and create positive habits.

Use visualization to motivate yourself.

Use the Mind control techniques to imprint new habits as you create them.

Visualize yourself as having achieved the goal. Use conscious creation techniques to put yourself in the picture and create massive desire around your resolution. Planning is half the fun, so every day as you go to bed, visualize!

Commit to taking action on your goal every single day for 5 to 15 minutes. Repetition and consistency create the habit!

Depending on the goal and your commitment to it, you may need 21 to 90 days to firmly implant a new habit. Be patient! It took time to build any negative habits you have, and it will take time to build positive habits too.

Remember, this extremely short daily time commitment doesn’t make your life harder and it doesn’t take away from important things. And, it adds up! In the course of a year, taking just 10 minutes a day to exercise will add up to 61 hours of calorie-burning. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you commit to just that much, it will be easier to add a few minutes in a month or two – now you’re exercising for 15 or 20 minutes a day; and a few more minutes two more months later until you’re exercising for 20-30 minutes every single day… without causing the kinds of lifestyle disruptions that will send you back into your old habits.

Take tiny steps to build new habits.

Tiny steps make it easy to prioritize your activities, and to squeeze these new habits into your routine.

That means… NO MORE EXCUSES!

It’s hard to commit to suddenly adding an hour a day of exercise, or reading… it’s hard to suddenly start cooking from scratch when you’re used to microwaved convenience food… You might do it for a while, and then something gets in the way and the next thing you know, you’re back into your old patterns.

But it is NOT hard to do something new for 5-15 minutes for the sake of creating a habit. You can do it!

You can achieve anything on your New Year resolutions list by making a commitment to it and using tiny, tiny steps to create positive new habits. Use the Mind control exercises to help reprogram yourself for success, and make this year your best year ever! If you need to learn the mind control techniques or refresh your practise please contact me.