Forgiveness Technique


Forgiveness is an important lesson in soul advancement. But TRUE forgiveness, which is energetic in it's nature, is a process. All emotional energies must be acknowledged, fully felt and released from our energy fields before we can actually step into true forgiveness. Aside from meditation, the Hawaiian Ho'oponopono Method of forgiveness is one of my favorite spiritual tools. It helps us accept responsibility, for our part of the negative experience, which helps us move into a state of compassion. COMPASSION is the neutralizing emotion that brings true forgiveness to the surface.

When I do Ho'oponopono I state the Mantra AND I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on my high heart or thymus. It is the high heart where all negative emotions are released from our chakra system. Many pictures of Jesus show him pointing to this sacred area. When emotional energy is released from our high heart we will feel it as a vibration running through our body and up to our high heart being released.

The sensations range anywhere from a slight heart flutter to a heart orgasm....oftentimes bringing tears to the eyes. Depending on how sensitive you are and how much emotional energy is being released will determine the level of sensation you will experience.

Hooponopono Technique:

~ Find a quite place.

~ Think of the situation that needs to be healed.

~ Say a prayer stating what you want to occur.

~ Begin to tap on your thymus gland (below the throat, above the heart)

~ State the mantra:

"I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you for the Lesson. We are free."