Apricot kernel against cancer


It’s true that the meals of the north american indian tribes contain much vitamin B 17, so between them is the cancer quasi unknown. So we will try in our short guide to answer the question why is it so, and to make the effects of the vitamin B 17clear.

An apricot kernel from the sweet kind contains 4-6 mg, the bitter variant 15-25 mg nitrilozid (vitamin B 17). Since this is a water-soluble vitamin, the recommended consumption is 250-300 mg every day. If a suitable amount of vitamin B 17 does not manage to get into the human organism, its deficiency may cause cancer. A well-known example for the deficiency of a water-soluble vitamin: vitamin C is very important for the human body. Its deficiency causes scurvy, the immune system becomes weaker. With vitamin C we can prevent scurvy, so vitamin B 17 can be used to prevent cancer.

In that follows we announce a short abstract from the studies of Ernest T. Krebs Jr.

“The vitamin B 17 is indispensable at the prevention of the cancerous disases. If people consume meals rich in this vitamin permanently, nobody will be a cancer patient. What happens if somebody takes apricot kernel with a tall nitrilozid content? How will the cancer cells be destroyed by nitrilozid, the water-soluble vitamin B 17?

Effect mechanism:

The molecule of the vitamin B 17 consists of two parts of sugar, of a part of benzaldehyde and of a part of cyanide. These are connected to each other tight. Everybody knows that cyanide may be very poisonous and in a big quantity deathly. The vitamin B 17 in its natural form does not get in chemical reactions, it is not harmful to the healthy living cells. For example the clorine gas is likewise deathly, but if it establishes a band with sodium, forming sodium-chloride comes a relatively harmless compound into existence, which we know as common salt. Only one single compound is able to free the cyanide from the B 17-molecule in the living organism: the enzyme betaglükozidaz. If the vitamin B 17 contacts this enzyme in the presence of water, not only cyanide but benzaldehyde will be freed. Benzaldehyde is in itself strongly toxic. These two compounds are together hundred times so poisonous like separately. The opening enzyme, the betaglükozidaz is fortunately in our body nowhere in a dangerous quantity present, only in the cancerous cells. There can be found always in a big quantity: its level – compared to the surrounding healty cells – can be more than hundred times higher. As a result, the vitamin B 17 breaks up in the area of the cancer cells, sets his toxic content free there and not somewhere else!

There is an other important enzyme, the rodanez mentioned as a defensive enzyme. It is called defensive, because it is able to neutralize cyanide forming it immediately into a derivate: tiocyanat. Radonez can be found in big quantity everywhere in our body except the area of the cancerous cells, so it does not protect them from the cyanide.

Additional beneficial result

The derivates have a good influence on the organism, they are indispensable to conserve our health. The benzaldehyde – after being freed in the human organism – oxidizes in the presence of oxigen to benzoic acid, which is an antireumatic compound with an antiseptic characteristic.”

As we mentioned above, our organism needs to remain healthy 250-300 mg vitamin B 17 every day. The recommended daily consumption is cca. 35-40 sweet apricot kernel or 12-15 from the bitter ones.